Friday, August 15, 2008

Webcam hack - Google webcam hack

How cool to hack someone else web cam without them knowing. It is pretty scary though knowing that someone can hack your web cam and see what you do in front of the computer.

I have seen many videos in Youtube and Metacafe but still I could not figure out software, tool or a method to hack a web cam. But I know it is not impossible.

For example if you view other persons webcam you just have to get his or her permission. That is totally controlled by Microsoft Messenger. Logically if you know the IP and if there is a web cam connect to that computer you should be able to view it.

There are many other possibilities to view IP cameras. By default most of the known IP camera software allow web access to the cameras that enables you to access from anywhere around the world. Normally it will not give any password protection at all. Unfortunately or fortunately Google and other major Search engines will index it as they are not been told to skip these pages. So everyone who knows the small trick can see indexed IP cameras around the world. You never know what you can find in these cameras.

You don’t want to be a hacker to hack web cams. Only thing you need to know is how to search “Google camera hack” in Google and get the video tutorials or step by step guides.
I think I should not put it here but I will give couple of examples.

Copy and Paste the italic words on Google. Search in Google there are lots more ways to get the indexed web cams.

Brimsoft cameras - intitle:"Biromsoft WebCam" -4.0 -serial -ask -crack -software -a -the -build -download -v4 -3.01 -numrange:1-10000

Supervisor cam - intitle:"supervisioncam protocol"

Netsnap cameras - intitle:"Live NetSnap Cam-Server feed"

WebcamXP - intitle:"powered by webcamXP" intitle:"ProBroadcast"

EvoCam - intitle:"EvoCam" inurl:"webcam.html"
there will be plenty of more here if search in Google.

However, still I need to figure out a way to hack a webcam without using Google. I know you want to hack your friends, girl friends or boy friends webcam. It will be more fun than hacking your friend’s msn, yahoo or Gmail account.

Do you know any other interesting Google hack?
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