Friday, October 30, 2009

Best Watermark Removal Software?

It seems like you can find a software to get most of the computer related stuff done. Even it is legal or illegal. There are softwares to protect you and your data as well as to break them. However, recently I came a cross that it is hard to find a good software to remove the watermark from a picture. Is it true?

Water mark is used to protect the pictures from copying and publishing without authorization. Removing the Water mark is illegal or unethical most of the cases. But there are some cases that you need to remove the water mark in order to use it or present it. What is the best way to remove the water mark?

I am lazy and I do not know much about the Photoshop. I always wanted a free simple software to remove the watermarks. So I can just sit around and see it removing the water mark. Unfortunately best I could find after bit of Googling is that Watermarks removal tool 5.5.7. Unfortunately? Even though it is free and simple (not installation required) I cannot get the work done with it easily. Other than that I could not find a better solution to remove the watermarks.

So here is the manual way to remove watermark using the Photoshop. Really good article explain it simple and clear. Still I would love to see any software to remove and water mark from an image. If you know any please share it with us.

Dose this means water mark is a good way of protecting the Copyright of the images.
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