Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Best place to start learning a new computer language

When we going to start learning a new thing we always get confused with where should we start it. I think it is important how we start learning a new programming language. If you took a good start, it is easier to continue it and you can be satisfied with what you learnt.

Start with what you already know

Always start with something you already know about programming. Couple of questions you can ask from yourself:

What are the computer languages that I already know?
How the languages I already know relate to the new language I am going to learn?
How do I find coding with the languages I already know?

Even if this is your first computer language, you can always find some related information you already learnt or heard. Otherwise you can question how you good at thinking logically and according to the situation.

By doing this you build the confidence to learn new programming language. It is no longer something very strange to you. This is only small preparing your mind.

Start preparing the runtime environment before coding

Most of the cases we start learning how to programme in a classroom or a computer lab. Environment to run your code is already set up accordingly. You need to put the code in correct format, compile it, and run it. If you try, the same thing in your home computer there is a good chance that it will not work, because necessary runtime environments are not installed.

For all the popular computer languages has a official website where you can download the documentations and the installers to setup the right environment to run your code.

Download the documentation and the installer program and install it in your home machine. If it is web based programmingBeginning Programming For Dummies language, you need to setup your computer as a web server. It is challenging but it is fun after you set it up.

Now you know what exactly happening behind the scene.

Always refer to the documentation and if you have further problems, you can always get help from forums and examples available. However, do not copy and paste the coding from web, as you will not learn anything.

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