Saturday, March 6, 2010

How to Install WiFi?

WiFi is a wireless technology that is used operating Internet access across the globe. WiFi stands for wireless fidelity. If your computers or laptop are having WiFi facility then you can connect to the Internet with wireless device or router. Wireless router is connected to the modem or cable that helps in accessing Internet. It is said that before buying any laptop it is must to know that the laptop has a WiFi facility or not. WiFi facility is not only affordable and cheap but also secure and amazing!

How to install WiFi?

1. For installing a WiFi network to your computer or Laptop, you will need a router and wireless adaptor. Secondly, you will need an Internet connection or broadband accessibility.
2. Now, you will need an IP address assigned by your ISP system. DSL users will need a username and password for running the process further.
3. After that, you will need MAC address for running all the wireless adapters.
4. The next step includes noting down your network settings and command.
5. Now, you have to install the wireless adapters.
6. You can either auto play it or install the software using the option available.
After installing the software, you will be guided by the system for moving till the last procedure.
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