Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Internet Explorer 9 Beta looks Great

What is best Internet browser? What is the most fastest and secure browser? Some of the questions and arguments going around. I am not going to talk about browser war. This is all about the Internet Explorer 9 Beta. Has Microsoft has done a pretty good job this time? Lets find it out.

Download and Installing IE 9 Beta

It was a pretty smooth and fast installation and required to restart the computer as usual. Download and Installation took less than 5 minutes. IE9 is only supporting later version of Windows (Windows 7 and Windows Vista). It dose not support Windows XP. I think it is a good move as Microsoft badly need to move forward with Windows 7.

First Time
It was a pretty quick start and gave options to disable the plugins and add-ons to make it load faster.

IE9 Looks and feel

IE9 looks pretty similar to Google Chrome. Simplified interface provide the maximum space for the website. Compact search and URL to one box with Security view Compatibility view reload page and stop loading buttons. You can customize the search to your favorite search engine. Unlocking the toolbar will give you a option to resize the address bar.

IE 9 Tab Hacks
IE9 given the maximum functionality to its tabs. You can arrange the tabs as you want and you can drag a tab out side, so it will open as new window ( Just like in Google Chrome). Double click on the tool bar will open a new tab for you.

Memory usage

Without any add-ons and plugins memory usage is pretty low comparing to Google Chrome and FireFox. However, it totally depend on the open website and number of tabs. I tried my best of control these factors by opening the same webpage and number of tabs.

Overall Microsoft has done a good job in IE9 in terms of Loading time and look and feel of the web browser and user friendliness. Security level of IE9 is yet to be revealed.

If you are interested and running Windows Vista or 7 download IE 9 and give it a try. 
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