Thursday, November 11, 2010

5 Limewire alternatives - File Sharing Platforms

Limewire was one of the popular, most used and well known Gnutella based P2P (PEER TO PEER) program software for Windows and Mac users. The last week of October 2010 really devastated all their users and customers with Limewire legal notification of shut down. The reports and media states that one of the US judge has approved the request of RIAA (Recording Industry Artists of America) to discontinue entire features, supports and programs running under Limewire including searching, downloading, file sharing, file distribution, file trading and uploading. This announcement on the legal platform has made the Limewire users feel traumatized and crushed.
Now the question is searching the best alternatives that can help the consumers with Limewire Shutdown or discontinuation: After researching a lot, we have come up with few important and useful Limewire alternatives for your file sharing and trading platforms. They are as follow:-

1: Frost Wire: One of the best alternatives for Limewire users
I guess there is no best alternative on internet for Limewire much better and viable than Frost Wire. Frost Wire is considered as one of the great alternatives for Limewire because it is a hidden jewel for P2P applications and programs. Apart from supporting the Gnutella code, Frost Wire is absolutely free for different kinds or types of advertising. This is the only P2P program on net that doesn’t annoy its customers with irritating pop up ads and other buying sites.

2: UTorrent:
I guess you must be familiar with UTorrent P2P program that comes under the brand name of Bit Torrent. This program supports Gnutella code under Mac and Windows. This P2P program is one of the easiest, quickest and best alternatives for Limewire.

3: MP3 Rocket:
MP3 Rocket is a best alternative for Limewire as it supports the Gnutella code and Bit Torrent procedures in a very feasible way. For more than one thousands games can be searched and downloaded using MP3 Rocket program. It is a great P2P program found on internet these days and works as a successful alternative for Limewire. Movies, live radio and TV shows are easily offered by MP3 Rocket.

4: Ares:
The best thing about Ares P2P program software is that it is absolutely free. One can take this alternative for free downloading and file trading apart from chatting and other entertaining activities. Ares gives the chance to join the free chat rooms for unlimited hours chatting with friends under various communities.

5: Rapid share:
This is not a P2P site basically but your file sharing and downloading activities can be carried out using Rapid share site. One can download up to 500MB with a gap of 15 minutes. This is one of the great sites that can work as great alternatives for Limewire file sharing platforms.
Above are some of the 5 best alternatives that can help Limewire users for their file sharing, trading and uploading activities.

If you use any other file sharing platform we would like to hear about them.
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