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Mobile Antivirus for 2011

2010 has been great year for smart phones and iPads. Major Smartphone companies sold record breaking number of smartphone throughout the year 2010. On the other hand people spend lot of time with smartphone for checking emails, do internet banking and general web surfing. It is almost functional as desktop computer.

Do you really need protection for your smartphone?

That is the first questions you would ask. Even though number of viruses and hacking attacks are very little experts have been predicting an outbreak of mobile malware.

When it comes to mobile security there are different set of requirements that you need to consider on top of the old school security protocols. Smartphone antivirus needs to provide real time protection. For example while browsing the internet, installing applications and firewall protection. On top of that there are more challenges. The device itself is small and mobile it can easily misplaced and you need a solution to find it or clean up the sensitive information from your mobile in case someone stole it. Do not forget your mobile is not only connected to internet but to the mobile networks. It is possible to attack a mobile device using fake mobile signal tower. How about blocking unwanted calls and SMS?

Android, Apple iPhone OS and windows mobile OS 7 are the three latest and major mobile operating systems used by the todays smart phones. What are the best protections available for these OS.

Antivirus solutions for Windows Mobile (6.5 and before) and Symbian

Even though the Windows Mobile 6.5 and Symbian is not the latest and smartest, many use mobile phone powered by them.

Kaspersky Mobile Security 9
Kaspersky is a well know antivirus product for your computer. Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 is the antivirus solution for your mobile. It gives the anti-theft, anti-virus, anti-spam and privacy protection also it is equipped with advanced firewall, parental control and advanced data encryption. However, it is only design for Windows mobile (up to6.5) and Symbian (Nokia only) phone. This will cost you $41.95 for 1 year for 1 device.
Following is list of mobile antivirus that will support Windows Mobile 6.5

  • AhnLab Mobile Security 
  • Avast! PDA Edition
  • Avira AntiVir Mobile
  • BitDefender Mobile Security 
  • Bullguard Mobile Antivirus 
Like I mentioned before, Windows Mobile 6.5 and Symbian are becoming the old school mobile platforms.

Antivirus for Android

AVG Security Solution for Android devices

 AVG is one of the most popular and effective free antivirus for your desktop computer. AVG has free antivirus solution for your android mobile. Free version provides the essential security features, theft protection and basic SMS spam protection. If you required more features there is always paid version for only $9.99. It gives the additional VIP support and premium SMS security.

Lookout Mobile Antivirus
Lookout Mobile antivirus cost free Android mobile antivirus suite that is included with mobile antivirus and mobile firewall features.

Super Security
Super security is a free Android antivirus app that will help you to get rid of malware and hide sensitive data. It also provide the facility to locate missing device, task manage and strongbox.

SmrtGuard Mobile Security
It’s a no cost android application that safeguards the Google Android mobile phones from virus. Apart from that, SmrtGuard includes additional mobile phone safety measures ‘Find Phone via GPS , Audio Ping, Remote Lock, Call Blocker and Sim Card Guardian features.

Antivirus for iPhone
iPhone is more secure and stable comparing to other mobile device as result of closed and controlled system Apple uses. Therefore, there is a little chance that your iPhone will be affected with viruses by downloading application. However, only possibility is through surfing the web.

Trend Smart surfing provides a secure web surfing browser for iPhone users. If you attempt to access a bad or malicious URL, Smart Surfing is designed to block access to the URL and a notification will appear in the browser.

Still there is not much need of an antivirus solution for latest smart phones as they manage to provide a much better platform than the computers. Security experts always warn that there is a great possibility that malwares will be spread around for mobile devices sooner or later. It is always better to be prepared.
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