Monday, February 18, 2013

[Review] Project Management Tool ActiveCollab for your Business

Project management tool can be really productive if the tool is simple, flexible and rich with useful functionality. I found ActiveCollab is one of the project management tools that match above description.

Who should use ActiveCollab?

As the owner of the business, you do not have much idea what everyone is up to. Employees argue each other and blaming each other to get things done and make excuses. Also, they have no idea whats their role in the team and other role. If this is your work environment mean you need to project management tool so badly.

Why You Should Select ActiveCollab?

It is one of the simplest project management tool I have ever used. Lets get this straight. Following are the general advantages I have noticed with ActiveCollab.

  • Easy to setup
  • Easy to learn and use
  • One time cost ($499.00) 
  • Can be access via web and mobile
  • Once purchased no limitations on number of users or projects
  • You can configure emails and keep record of incoming and outgoing emails
  • You can set it up in your own web hosting.
  • APIs are available in case you want to develop your own plugins.  
When it come to project management
  • Easily create projects
  • Create new users and assign them tasks
  • Monitor the progress of project 
  • Add Milestones to a project 
  • Let client or third party access the project and give limitations 
I find this tool is ideal for small or medium size business to improve their productivity by managing the projects effectively. You can try it for free from here. If you have any question I am happy to help you out. 
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