Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Crazzycool learn to create basic videos

Creating a intro video can cost you lot and it is time consuming. Also, required special skill set. If you are smart enough you can create professional intro video without spending lot. Lets see a simple easy and fun way to create a video to your business, product or service. It is an effective way to get people attention, spread through social media. Believe me it is fun.

Yes, creating a video can be expensive. it can easily cost you couple of thousand dollars. However if you break the process into the following processors it might sounds simple and inexpensive. You can do it with couple of hundreds.

1. Video Script

Writing the video script can done by your self. If you are not a professional writer just like me, you can always get it done for a reasonable price. 

  • Fiverr can be a good place to find your ideal script writer for five dollars. Oh you might end up using little bit extra.  
  • Crowdcontent is another great place to get quality content for a reasonable price. 

2. Presenter
Now who is going to present it. Can you do it or you are not comfortable in front of a camera just like me. Do not worry you can find someone who is willing to read your script in front of a camera send you the video. 

  • Again Fiverr is the ideal place to find a presenter for your script. You can either select a male or female model, select the dress or even the background.

3. Create some still images 

You can add couple of still images at the begging and end. You can start with your logo, business name and end with call of action. Always remember to create the still images same size as the video frame width and height. Right click on the video file and go to properties and then go to Details tab to find the frame dimensions. 

  • Photoshop or image editing tool - You can use a photo editing tool and create couple of images. You can purchase some stock image for less than ten dollars or twenty dollars. 
  • Even you can go back to fiverr and hire some one to create some images for you. 

4. Intro and background music track

This is really optional but important to have a intro music or background music. Do you want to get a unique music just for your video? You can apply the same trick and get it done for five dollars. Also, there are sites where you can download loyalty free intro videos for your video.

  • Fiverr is a good place to find composers will to compose a small audio track for you.
  • You can download loyalty free audio from here:
  • Also you can find some music from Youtube. 

5. Basic video editing tool

Now you have all the components required for the video. Now its time to combined all these stuff together and create final product. You need a video editing tool. I prefer Windows Movie Maker for this task. It is simple, easy to use and free. 

Something basic I want to add here. Do not forget to create new folder for each video project and move all the files (videos, still images and background audio files) in to that folder before starting to edit it on Windows movie maker. 

Also, make sure you same the movie maker project files in case you want to do any alterations later. 

Select all the videos and still images and arrange it properly and add the background music. Result would be something like this. Enjoy.

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