Friday, December 7, 2012

[Domain Name Hacks] Select Best Domain Name in 30 minutes

Are you having difficulties to select the best domain name for your website or blog? Then you are reading the right post. I am going to help you how to find the best available domain for you. There is a great chance that it will help you to rank your website well in search engines. Eventually having a good domain name will help your business or blog to grow and make more money online. I have gone through this process over and over for my clients and noticed that it works well.

First you need to clearly understand the purpose of your website. Let me make it simple.

Are you going to develop a brand name and are you going to advertise in television, radio and other media to market your business? If the answer is yes then you need to find the short and sweet domain name that will exactly match your brand name. Do not worry about related keywords. Ultimately you want people to remember your brand name and search by it to find your business. If that is your goal then you must buy the exactly the same domain name to match your brand name.

Next scenario is to find a search engine friendly domain name. It is more suitable for a information oriented blog or forum where you expect people to find it through search engines. I will show you some hacks and tricks that can be used to find the best available keyword rich domain name.
  1. Brain storm the keywords related to your niche. 
Take a blank white paper and note down all the keywords that's coming to your mind. At this point it can be related to your niche or not; it does not matter. Don't forget to add keyword phrases Once you have a list of 15 to 20 keywords, go through it couple of times and select the most suitable keywords.

Example: I wanted to find a good domain name for a fitness blog. I have came up with the following keywords.
  • Workout
  • Routines
  • Workout Routines 
  • healthy 
  • gym
  • plan
  • exercise
  • fitness
     2.  Brain storm adjectives that can be used with above keywords. 

Next step is to find some relevant adjectives. For example I have selected effective, good, ultimate free, best, celebrity and so on. 

     3.  Combine one to two keywords from your list with a adjective

Now it is time to mix up your keywords and adjectives and create some combinations. Following are some keyword combination I have come up. 

  workout routines
effective workout routines*
best workout routines
practical workout routines
healthy workout routines
celebrity workout routines
push up workout routines
back workout routines
triceps workout routines
abs workout routines
weightlifting workout routines
athlete workout routines
shoulder workout routines
chest workout routines
ultimate workout routines
gym workout routines
saving workout routines

     4.  Check the monthly search volume for the keyword combinations
Once you find some interesting keywords combinations then it is time to find out how many people are searching the exact keyword combination. I always use Google Ad-words Keyword tool. However, you need to understand it is only give you an rough idea and numbers are not the exact numbers. Also, you need to be careful as some times it can mislead you.

This is a very good example for Google Keyword Tool can mislead you. If you search for keyword "makes to", it shows you more than 16 million people search for that keyword and competition is low.  Once you search for and it is available as well. If you roughly say out of total number of search 1% is going to visit your site then there will be 160 000 visitors per month. That is 5000 visitors per day. Unfortunately it is not true. If you select Match Types [Exact] it will have a different story. There is only 12 monthly searches for the keyword phrase 'makes to'. Specially when you search for keyword combinations make sure to use [Exact] to get the correct statistics. If you purchase these domain names you will noticed that it will be in first page of Google 

     5.  Check the availability of the domain names 

Once you  figure out couple of keyword rich domain name for your niche next step is to check the availability. My favorite is Godaddy when it come to buy domain names. You can choose your favorite domain name provide for this. Once you have all the available domain names list choose the best one out of them. Following are the factors you should consider when selecting one domain name out of available list.

  • Length of the domain name - Shorter the better
  • No of monthly searches according to Google Adword Keyword Tool - Higher No of searched better
  • Easy to say Easy to remember 
Once you select it purchase the domain name or domain name with the server. Most of the web server providers give free domain name with servers. If you do not have a web server account this will be the best option to go ahead. 

In my case I choose as the domain name. After couple of days it can be seen in the first page of Google for the keyword phrase "Effective Workout Routines". 

If you have any questions or if you have already done it and enjoying the results please share it below.

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