Monday, January 28, 2013

Send and Sync SMS from your PC using Android Phone

I was traveling and did not add roaming to my phone contract as it is waste of money. Then I was going to transfer money online and bank is sending the authentication to my mobile. Now there is no way to access new SMS from the bank. I was looking for the solution to syn my SMS to web application. I know there are million solutions out there to send text messages online. This is the closest solution I was able to find.

Mightytext able to syn your text messages from your Android phone with their web application. It also allow you to send text messages from the web application and they also get synced with your phone. It sounds promising but there is a small problem. When the phone is switch off or not connected to the network you cannot send SMS or it does not sync. Then how can you use Mightytext to send and receive SMS when you are traveling overseas. Simplest way to overcome this issue is to leave the phone on and connected to power
and leave it at home. Now you can access your new SMS and send messages. Also, make sure you sync all your contacts with another phone or use another Android phone for this task.

How to Setup Mightytext

  • Search Google Play Store for Mightytext 
  • Install Mightytext Android application on your smartphone. 
  • Authentication for the app will be based on your Google account. 
  • It will provide a URL to access your messages online. Make sure you sign in to Google Account as well. 
Now you can send receive and syn all the messages from website. 

There is anther feature that allow you to make calls from website. But without your phone nearby I cannot see any point in this feature as you cannot take the phone call without a physical phone. 

I found this application really useful and I would like to here your thought about this. If you know any other application that will do the same do not hesitate to leave a comment below. 

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